Learn LinkedIn in 2 Hours

Create a LinkedIn profile you're proud of, learn how to grow your online network, engage with others and share content without feeling silly...

...all in just 2 hours!


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Feel a little intimidated by LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest, online professional network in the world. 

But maybe you're wondering if your profile is set up right? Or what sort of content you are supposed to share? Or just how are you meant to engage with people? Learning a new platform can be daunting!

But I'll let you in on a little secret - LinkedIn is not too different from the social media platforms you're already using! And with just a little knowledge and guidance, you'll be navigating LinkedIn like a pro!

Here’s What’s Inside…

  • 5 easy-to-follow, video lessons taking you from whoa to go on LinkedIn in just 2 hours!
  • A comprehensive workbook to assist you as you move through the lessons
  • BONUS: 42 instructional tutorials inside the Tech Vault so you won't get stuck on where to click!

With lifetime access to the course material, so you can work through it in your own time, at your own pace!

"I have just completed Jodine's course: Learn LinkedIn in 2 hours. It was FANTASTIC! I've always felt like I was "missing" something when it came to LinkedIn, or that I was doing it wrong somehow. Thanks to Jodine's course, I am now confident that my personal profile is optimised, my company profile is ready to rock and roll, and somehow I am so much less fearful about sharing content on this platform. There is a fantastic workbook to make sure you miss nothing, and then a tech fault full of how-to videos. Thank you Jodine for this easy-to-follow course that is 100% doable in the 2 hours you promised."

Rebekah Holmes
The Ship Shape Shoppe

Social media. 

Love it or loathe it - you can't ignore it!

I've been using LinkedIn since 2007 and I have seen the platform change and grow. I have my finger on the LinkedIn pulse and I am constantly testing and tweaking my strategies to ensure I'm delivering the very best advice. I have worked with over 200 business owners and professionals and I am positive I can help you too.

Breaking down social media into actionable, easy chunks is my super power. Plain English, jargon-free, simple strategies are what you need. And forget the waffle and fluff - we're going to get right to the action.

Learn LinkedIn in 2 Hours is the ONLY LinkedIn training of its kind that…

1. Covers everything you need to know to build a professional LinkedIn presence for both your personal brand AND your business
2. Doesn't focus on aggressive sales tactics
3. Will help you reduce the number of unwanted connection requests you receive
4. You will actually complete - because it only takes 2 hours!

So if you’re ready to finally figure out LinkedIn while avoiding the overwhelm of learning an entirely new social media platform, let's do this!

What does the training cover?

In the 5 easy to follow, short video lessons you will learn how to:

Optimise your Personal Profile

Create a professional LinkedIn profile that attracts your ideal customer/client and send them where you want them to go - your website, booking page, inbox...

Navigate LinkedIn like a Pro!

Learn how LinkedIn differs to other social media platforms and learn how to use these differences to your advantage to help reach your ideal audience.

Create Content that Connects

Learn my simple content creation strategy to eliminate the 'what do I post?' stress and allow you the very best opportunity to build meaningful online connections.

LinkedIn is where business owners and professionals like you connect every day.

 If you have a lack-lustre profile (or no profile at all!) I can promise you, you are missing opportunities. A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can work for you, while you sleep! It's just like your own free, website which ranks really well in online searches without spending a cent on SEO services.

Hi, I'm Jodine...

Right now, learning how to navigate a new social media platform to market yourself or your business probably feels overwhelming. Where do you start, what do you post and how do you know you’re even doing it right?

I've been there!

As a social media trainer, I help business owners just like you confidently own your awesome online and feel excited about the possibilities social media can offer for your business growth.

What are you waiting for? Let's go!

"If you want a practical, easy to understand, step by step guide for your social media then Jodine is the person to go to. I have attended three of her workshops and the latest has got me up and going on LinkedIn after years of not knowing what to do. She's open, friendly, answers all questions without making you feel silly and has a wealth of knowledge she is willing to share."

Rachel Ross

Frequently Asked Questions

I work day in and day out with busy business owners and I see so many who would just kill it on LinkedIn! If they would give it a go. But the answer is always: I just don't have time! Most people can find 2 hours in their calendar if they really want to so I condensed all of my very best training, tips and advice into a simple, actionable online course. One hour to watch the videos, one hour to take action!

  • 5 video lessons with prompts for you to stop and take action
  • A workbook to help you navigate through the actions
  • 42 bonus videos in the Tech Vault. These show you step by step the technical stuff of the course, so you don't get stopped by tech paralysis!

Whenever you want! You have lifetime access to the course material - start when you're ready, pop in and out as you need.

If you are a business owner, an aspiring business owner, professional, job seeker, someone building a personal brand, a marketer, or you simply want to know the ins and outs of LinkedIn - this course is for you!

You will need to have a LinkedIn account prior to starting the course but it is super simple (and free) to join. Simply head to www.linkedIn.com and follow the steps to sign up.

2 hours. The course videos are around 1 hour long so if you stop to complete each of the actions, 2 hours is enough for you to learn AND do the bulk of the work! The bonus, tech tutorials are not essential to the course.

Not at all. The power on LinkedIn is really in personal profiles. I will cover how to set up and optimise a company page however this is not a major part of the training. And you can always take notes and pass them on to your company page administrator.

Absolutely! Not only will you learn how to set up a professional profile that stands out from the crowd, putting your best foot forward with any potential employer but you will also learn how to clearly communicate exactly what opportunities you are open to. And 90% of recruiters report using LinkedIn as part of the recruitment process!

I am always happy to help. Simply send me an email at [email protected] with any extra support you need.

Fire away! I'm happy to answer any questions you have on whether or not the training will be suitable for you. Shoot me an email at [email protected]