#004 - My top 5 Tools and Resources for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business on social media I want you working smarter not harder!

There are so many great tools and resources out there that can help you achieve this - sooo many it's overwhelming! So where do you start?

In this episode, you will hear about my top 5 tools and resources for social media marketing. These are the tools and resources I use in my own business and I recommend to my clients.

Before I share the links to the tools just a heads up: some of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you do decide to try the tool or resource I have shared I may receive a payment or reward from the company at no cost or no additional cost to you. A win-win for both of us!

Right, the tools and resources I recommend in the episode are:



I use an older iPhone but I also use these accessories:

#2 CANVA (Click here)

The most amazing online graphic design software - I'm obsessed!

#3 PUBLER (Click here)

Social media scheduling tool - set and forget, baby!

#4 SPLICE (Click here)

Simple yet powerful video editing mobile app

#5 YOUR TEMPLATE CLUB (Click here)

For the most amazing social media Canva templates


Come and find me on Instagram and let me know if you try any of these tools, if you like them or if there are others that you think I should check out!


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