60 LinkedIn Post Ideas for Business Owners

Have I told you lately how much I love LinkedIn? 😍

As I build my personal brand and my business, it’s my go-to place to hang out and connect with people I want to learn from and work with. My potential clients are seeking me out and I’m using my LinkedIn profile as the ultimate lead generator.

But if you’re not familiar with the platform, it can be a bit confusing to know what exactly to post. It’s not Instagram, so you’re not going to share photos of your latest meal. And it’s not Facebook, so fur babies and real babies are not great content.

Have no fear - your social sidekick is here to answer:

What should I post on LinkedIn?

We’re going to aim to balance professional with personality. Grab one of these 60 post ideas and give it a go:

  1. The story of how or why your business was founded.

  2. The reason/meaning of your business name.

  3. What does your logo represent?

  4. Share your new business card options and ask your audience which they prefer.

  5.  The most popular song from the year your business was founded (check this website.)

  6. Behind the scenes: video/image of something the public wouldn’t usually get to see.

  7. Jargon definitions - define words which are specific to your industry/business.

  8. Tools of the trade - what tools/software/hardware/equipment do you use daily?

  9. Who do you most admire in your industry and why?

  10. How do you or your business support your community? Do you sponsor a local event/school? Do you offer local discounts?

  11. Sneak peek of a new service/product coming soon.

  12. Share industry-related knowledge. Create a series e.g. Top Tips on Tuesdays.

  13. Create an industry-related infographic. Venngage is a great tool to use.

  14. Create a short, ‘how-to’, instructional video on using your products/services. You can shoot it with your mobile phone and upload directly or edit with a video editing tool like Veed.

  15. Share a client or customer review/testimonial.

  16. Think about the questions you get asked often about your products/services. Create posts that answer the most common ones.

  17. Share details of any businesses you work closely with. Tell your audience why they are great.

  18. Share any awards or accolades you have received.

  19. Comment on current trends in your industry.

  20. Post excerpts from your latest newsletter with a link to encourage your audience to sign up.

  21. What is your most popular product/service?

  22. Use the Days of the Year website to find out what fun day it is and share a themed image/video.

  23. Create an eye-catching graphic in Canva using an industry-related statistic.

  24. Share a seasonal post e.g. Spring is just around the corner. Don’t forget to Spring clean your.....

  25. Comment on a local, recent weather event e.g. heatwave, cyclone, floods.

  26. 4 choices post - create an image with four different options (a, b, c and d). Ask your audience which one resonates with them.

  27. If you're a business targeting local customers/clients and want to connect with other local people, ask for the best-kept secrets of your region. Share your own.

  28. Public service announcement. e.g. daylight savings starts this weekend!

  29. What has been the biggest change/advancement in your industry?

  30. Share your favourite workday lunch spot.

  31. Share a surprising statistic from your industry.

  32. Interview an expert in your industry.

  33. Share a time-lapse of your product being made or you/your team working.

  34. Share a motivational quote.

  35. Ask your audience for advice or ideas for a new product/service.

  36. Show customers using your product/service.

  37. Countdown to an event or product launch.

  38. Quiz your followers: 2 facts, 1 fiction.

  39. Create a post related to a current industry trend.

  40. Who inspires you most?

  41. What is the absolute best part of your day?

  42. How did you get started in your industry?

  43. Review the latest business-related book you read.

  44. List your favourite podcasts.

  45. Share a photo of your workspace.

  46. Share the latest fun fact or tip you learnt.

  47. Post a review of a recent event you attended.

  48. Create a video from a blog post using Lumen5.

  49. Comment on current events. What is on the front page of today’s newspaper?

  50. What’s one skill you wish you could master?

  51. Which TV character do you most identify with?

  52. Post about your heritage. Where does your family originate from?

  53. Shout out to the last business you received great customer service from.

  54. Take a super close up photo of something in your everyday life and have your audience guess what it is.

  55. Interview someone you admire e.g. your mentor, someone who inspires you.

  56. Share your favourite life hack.

  57. Take your followers on a trip down memory lane. Share photos of products, TV shows etc. from a particular decade.

  58. Search for posts related to your industry. Pick one that has gone “viral” and share with your own comments or a question.

  59. Create a top 5 list: your top 5 products/services, your top 5 blog posts, your top 5 FAQs.

  60. Show your current view. Where are you working from? Who are you working with? What’s the weather like? What’s on your desk?

Head on over to LinkedIn and give one of these posts a go!

Which post will you start with? Drop a number in the comments below 👇🏼then head over to LinkedIn and give it a go! Don’t overthink it, just post. And tag me in the comments on your post so I can give it some love!

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