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I help you make sense of social media so you can confidently and consistently build buzz around your business online.


Hi, I'm Jodine.

Social media trainer and small business cheerleader.

Right now, managing the social media for your business probably feels overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. Where do you start, what do you post and how do you know you’re even doing it right?

You’ve wasted enough time trying to figure it all out on your own. What you need is clarity around your social strategy and practical techniques to bring it to life.

As your social media trainer, I’ll help you confidently own your awesome online, show you how to optimise your social pages for your audience and leave you feeling excited about the possibilities social media can offer for your business growth.


"Jodine is absolutely amazing - she is very patient and has helped our business immensely with her instruction on social media advertising. Highly recommend her!"

Grab some of my social know-how for free.

I’m so committed to helping you get confident online, I’m giving you access to this practical and easy to follow social media marketing trainings, templates and guides.


Work with me...

...and go from so so to social savvy

Changes come and go, but the fundamentals of success on social media stay the same. I help you nail the basics, make sense of good social strategy and confidently launch campaigns - without throwing any more money away.

Online Training

Winging your way through social? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, get a blueprint of the basics for social success with the Social Smarty Training Hub.

Learn at your own pace and watch both your engagement and your confidence grow as you put your new knowledge into action.


Group Workshops

Get your head around social media best practice alongside like-minded business owners.

This is a relaxed and supportive setting, where no question is too silly.

You’ll leave with all the actionable insights you need to confidently show up on social like a pro.


One to One Training

No more sitting on the social media sidelines, watching everyone else get picked.

Get totally tailored training and support for your business and kick-in-the-butt accountability that will empower you to keep smashing your social media goals. So what are you waiting for? Let's do this!


See the latest social media news and advice...

...right here on the blog.

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Kind words from recent social smarties.

These business owners were once feeling just like you… but see where they’re at now!

Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce

Jodine is able to easily convey her knowledge and passion for social media, opening up the potential of this powerful platform for business growth.

She is able to explain each process, explain the pros and cons to each feature and give you a good insight into what may work for you. Very valuable and highly recommended.

Phyllis, True Health

I attended the recent 2 hour training with Jodine of Social Smarty and was really impressed with her knack for simply explaining complex aspects of Facebook advertising.

She was clear, upbeat and helpful in giving us insight into the algorithms that we can 'encourage' to reach more people with a powerful message. Well worth it.

Kate, My Beauty Fix

I attended Jodine's Instagram for Business Workshop and it was awesome!

Jodine is a fountain of knowledge of all things social media and I got so much useful information, tips and tricks for making the most out of Instagram for my business.

Thanks so much Jodine 😍🙌

Wendy, Greenscene Arboriculture

Jodine's workshop Getting Started with Facebook Ads was excellent, one of the best I've attended. A good-sized group so lots of opportunities to interact and of course Jodine is so knowledgeable and a great teacher. Money well spent!

Wendy, Corbin Rd

Always love coming away from a course knowing you've learnt something! Informative, educational and presented with the perfect balance of personality and professionalism. Will be looking to go on more courses!

Lisa, Intense Sound & Vision

We learned so much with you Jodine, with loads of conversation and sharing of ideas amongst the team. Thank you for inspiring us to make our social media really awesome.


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