7 Reasons why Publer is the Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

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With hundreds of options available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed in your search for the best social media scheduling tool. I'm here to help! 

Publer is a social media scheduling tool that stands out for its unique features and user-friendly interface. In this blog post, I want to share with you the top 8 reasons that make Publer a noteworthy choice among the myriad of social media scheduling tools available. 

Here are 8 reasons why Publer is my social media scheduling tool of choice:


1: It Makes Creating a Bank of Evergreen Content Super Easy!

This is one of my favourite ways to use Publer, and a method I teach to my 1:1 clients. When creating a new post in Publer, I do a quick sense check: will this post still be relevant in 90 days? If the answer is yes, then I'm saving that post as a draft.

Once you create a draft in Publer you can publish it or schedule it over and over again without deleting it. That means that you can easily create a bank of posts that you can recycle. This is called 'Evergreen Content' and it can save you so much time with your social media marketing.

Let's face it - no one is going to remember what you posted 3 months ago. And if they do, that's not a bad thing. We need to repeat our messaging before some people will take action. Think about how many times you see the same TV commercial or hear that radio jingle that gets stuck in your head. So go ahead and recycle that content!


2: It Integrates Directly with Canva

If you use Canva to create a lot of social media content, then you likely have a tonne of images and videos clogging up your downloads folder. Publer can help prevent this.

Publer has a direct integration with Canva which means you can use it in two different ways:

  1. You can create your designs in your Canva account as usual but instead of downloading to your computer and then uploading to Publer, you can choose to share directly to Publer (it's one of the options under 'More' in the Canve Share Menu). This means that the images will magically appear in your Publer media library, ready for scheduling!
  2. Or you can open Canva from right within Publer to create a quick and easy visual on the go. Choose your size, grab a stock image, add some text and you're ready to go. Such a time saver!


3: You can post a LinkedIn post as PDF, Creating a LinkedIn Carousel Post

LinkedIn recently scrapped its carousel post feature so we're back to creating multiple-page PDFs if we want to get that smooth, swipeable carousel-style post.

Publer makes this a breeze! You can add all your images for your post and check a handy, dandy tick box to say that you want them published as a PDF. Publer will do some magic behind the scenes and there you have it, a slick, professional-looking, swipeable post (click here to see an example on my LinkedIn Company Page).

And what's even better is that you can save time by just using your Instagram carousel post. Just select your LinkedIn Company Page or Personal Profile (or both!) when scheduling to Instagram, tick the Post as a PDF box and you've got 2 (or 3) posts ready to go! So simple.


4: You can Create Clickable Carousel Posts for Facebook

This has to be one of my favourite features of Publer. Just like a carousel ad on Facebook, you can create a swipeable, multi-image post for your Facebook page with each image clickable!

If you use Facebook for your marketing you'll know that it's impossible to post an organic, carousel post these days but Publer brings that feature back (click here to see an example on my Facebook page).

This type of post is limited to 5 images but it's still so much better than the strange, multi-image configurations that Facebook give us and then stuffing your caption with multiple links.


5: You can Schedule Posts for Threads

At the time of writing this blog post, Threads has not yet give access to its API so direct posting is not available. BUT you can schedule your content so that you are notified on your device when it is time to post. Publer will also download any visuals you have scheduled to your device and copy your caption to your clipboard for easy pasting.

While it's not quite a set and forget scheduled post, it does mean you can plan your Threads posts in advance which really helps with consistency.


6: You can create one Post for Multiple Platforms, but Schedule them for Different Times

You would think that this would be a standard feature for all social media scheduling tools but that's not the case. Often you're limited to creating one post for multiple platforms but having to schedule it at the same time. The workaround of course is duplicating 1 post and scheduling it separately. What a waste of time.

With Publer you can create one post, choose the platforms you want to share it to, and then customize the time you want it posted for each platform. For example, you might post to Facebook in the early evening but share that same piece of content on LinkedIn in the morning. Publer makes this really easy.


7: It has AI Built-In

AI is becoming more and more ingrained in our businesses and Publer understands this. But rather than switching between ChatGPT and Publer, there are built-in AI features right in the platform.

If you're struggling to find the perfect image for your post, just type what you're looking for into Publer's AI image generator and it will whip it up for you!

There is also a built-in caption generator that can complete the text if you've made a start on your caption but can't quite finish it. Or you can give the caption generator a prompt and it will write the entire thing for you! 


From seamless Canva integration to its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Publer really does everything that a social media scheduling tool should do. It's more than just another social media scheduling tool; Publer makes social media management easy, efficient and effective.

Click here to check out Publer yourself (this is an affiliate link).

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