30 One-Sentence Social Media Tips from Social Smarty

30 One-Sentence Social Media Tips

Social media. You may love it, or you may loathe it but as a business owner, you can’t ignore it.

Social media can be a powerful platform to connect you with your ideal customers. It can also drive you crazy!

If you're feeling the struggle with marketing your business on social media here are 30 tips and reminders that may help.

  1. Social media platforms are just online meeting places.
  2. Never tell yourself you'll just scroll for a while, looking for ideas before you create your social media content.
  3. If you find it difficult to write captions, just start writing and get everything you want to say out of your head then go back and edit.
  4. Keep your usernames consistent across all social media channels so that you can tell people, "tag us on social media" rather than listing off 3 or 4 different usernames.
  5. Each social media post should focus on a single goal - what do you want the reader to think, feel, know or do?
  6. Read your captions out loud before you post.
  7. Hashtags won't make you go viral. (My testing shows an average increase in reach of 9% for Instagram.)
  8. It doesn't matter if you're B2B or B2C - people do business with people so show your face.
  9. If you post something that people don't engage with don't flog a dead horse by boosting or paying to promote it.
  10. LinkedIn is not just for job seekers.
  11. Filters are out, real faces are in.
  12. You're not too old for TikTok.
  13. Paid social media advertising is not a silver bullet.
  14. People bring their own baggage to your content so often it's not you, it's them.
  15. Influencers and content creators deserve to be paid with money, not just freebies.
  16. If you outsource your social media you still need to be involved with things like strategy, providing content/opportunities for content creation and advice on getting the lingo right.
  17. If you outsource your social media, you don't need to check every single post.
  18. For small businesses, most social media scheduling tools will do the same thing so just pick one.
  19. 99% of people viewing your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Stories already follow you so Stories won't help you grow your audience.
  20. Most video editing apps all do the same thing so just pick one.
  21. People scroll Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the sound off so add captions to your videos.
  22. People scroll TikTok with the sound on so don't forget your audio.
  23. The more people who engage with your social media content, the more people you will reach.
  24. Most people will be viewing your social media content on a mobile phone screen - keep this in mind when creating.
  25. The easiest way to talk to people on social media is just how you would talk to them in real life.
  26. Give people a reason to look forward to seeing you pop up in their feed.
  27. Get to the point.
  28. You will need to repeat your message multiple times.
  29. It's unlikely that a viral post will make you an overnight success.
  30. If you can talk to a potential customer on the phone or in person, you can talk to them on social media.


(Thanks for the inspiration, Josh Spector.)

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