Sponsorship Opportunities

Blog Posts & YouTube Video Tutorials


I collaborate with brands and businesses that bring value to my audience. I directly partner with brands and businesses to review and promote their products or services, specifically those that I believe offer value to my audience.

Please note that these sponsored posts are not intended for guest posts or paid, dofollow links to websites, including those of your clients.


What I Offer

I provide in-depth, long-form blog posts and/or YouTube tutorials that are search engine optimized and designed to captivate my audience.

I specialize in long-form reviews and video tutorials. Each blog post is meticulously crafted with a minimum length of 1,500 words. My video tutorials are structured to help self-made business owners understand how to use your product or service and its associated benefits.

Every blog post and video tutorial I create is shared with my email list subscribers and social media followers, ensuring maximum exposure.

To support my work, I incorporate relevant affiliate links within my posts or video subscriptions. These links and any sponsored content are transparently disclosed within the content.

I personally create and write all sponsored content, ensuring that all opinions expressed are my own.


Audience Snapshot

  • Monthly website users: 14,000+
  • Monthly website page views: 35,000+ 
  • Email list subscribers: 2,300+
  • Location (in order of popularity): USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand
  • Demographics: My audience is English speakers and over 61% identify as female
  • Interests: Social Media Software, Social Media Tools, Social Media Trends, Technology, Business Software, Business Tools, Business Trends, Marketing Tools and Insights
  • Monthly YouTube Views: 14,000+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 780+
  • Combined Social Media Audience: 5,200+ 


Products and Services I Work With

When partnering with Social Smarty you have the opportunity to reach self-made business owners passionate about succeeding in business.


What I DON'T Offer

  • I DON'T offer paid link placement
  • I DON'T accept guest posts.
  • DON'T offer ads on the blog.
  • DON'T promote products or services that don’t align with my audience.
  • I also DON'T promote products or services that are in direct competition with my own products and services.



Everything I share on the Social Smarty website is public information, but the content I create is copyrighted. You may share a link to the original post, but you may not reproduce and post duplicate or modified content anywhere else.

If you quote any part of any content from this website that’s more than 10 sentences, please get in touch with me first.

All mentions and quotes must link back to the original content on this website.


Questions and Enquiries?

If you believe your products or services would benefit my readers, please email me at [email protected], and let's discuss the possibility of sponsoring a blog post or video tutorial.