Six Things Working on Social Media Right Now

Six Things Working on Social Media Right Now

As we head into 2023, we need to ditch those outdated marketing tactics that are not serving us anymore. We need to think about a fresh approach to our social media marketing.

I'm sharing 6 things that are working really well right now that you can take into your social media marketing in 2023!

1: Authenticity and Personality

This is nothing new, but we're really doubling down for 2023. It's time to show the people behind the brand. We can see large businesses doing this over on TikTok, not only in the content they create but also in the way that they engage with other content creators, the comments that they're leaving and the conversations that they're having.

We're even seeing the real faces of the social media managers, that would usually be hiding behind a brand. It's so refreshing to see this authenticity and personality coming out.

It’s now time for you, if you haven't already, to think about how you can be a little bit more authentic and show up with a bit more personality in your own social media.

Don't be afraid to be a little bit vulnerable, maybe share a bit more of your personal life. As a follower, I want to know what makes you tick, what you're interested in, what values you have, what you do in your spare time. All of these sorts of things are going to help me deepen my connection with you and give me a reason to support you.

Facebook and Instagram Stories is great way show up authentically. It's really only your followers that see your Stories so this is where you can show your face a little bit more, tell some more stories, and share your personal life.

It’s important to empower your team to do the same (if you're working in a team) don't just try to take over the social accounts as one person, think about how you can incorporate your whole team into the content.

2: Collaboration

This is massive for 2023! Think about how you can collaborate with another business or another brand that shares a similar audience.

It could be as simple as creating an Instagram post or Reel and using the built-in collaboration feature. To do that, you create your post, then select the option to tag another account and you will see Invite Collaborator as an option. They'll get a notification that invites them to collaborate. If they accept, that means that post is not only posted and shared with your audience, but also with their audience. So you're introducing their network to yours, and vice versa! That's why it's really important to think carefully about who you collaborate with and how aligned your values are and also your audience.

Now, another way to collaborate is Live Video. On Instagram now, we can go live on video with up to three other accounts. Again, that allows you and your collaborators to leverage each others audiences.

3: Memes

Memes are not new but people are really enjoying that relatable or humorous content. Have a think about what your audience would laugh at or really relate to and create a meme around this. You can do a Google search, or have a look on Instagram. There are entire accounts that are built around memes.

The key is to tailor it for your audience. Memes are highly shareable. Your goal is to have someone in your audience want to share it with their own audience, thus increasing your reach.

4: Short Vertical Video 

 In today's digital era, Reels, TikTok, Pinterest Idea Pins, and YouTube Shorts have revolutionized content creation with short, vertically shot videos. To truly make an impact, consider leveraging the capabilities of an online video editor. With this powerful tool, you can elevate your content and craft captivating videos that resonate with your audience.

If you're not sure how to get started, head over to my freebies page and check out my free resources for creating Reels and getting started with TikTok.

5: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the OG online networking platform. It feels very old school but you will be really surprised if you haven't been over to LinkedIn for a while, the vibe has completely changed. It is now a real hub for sharing ideas, information and sparking conversation.

I heard it described recently as, "social media for adults". Make sure your profile is up to date and spend some time on LinkedIn and see what you think.

6: Balance

It's so important this year that we find some balance between showing up online and living in the real world. If you feel like you are tied to your social media accounts you need to step away. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking the weekend off or putting your phone away in the evenings. You can even remove the apps that suck up your time from your phone and only use them on your desktop.

Another really simple way to streamline your social media use is to batch your content so create your content in advance. Even if you're doing two weeks at a time, that means that you can set and forget a lot of that content and just spend shorter amounts of time engaging on the platforms.

Check out my Social Media Content Planning Guide for help with this.

So there we have it, the six things I see working really well in social media right now. I hope that sparked some ideas for how you can show up for your audience online!

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