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Ready to feel confident about your social media marketing?

Are you ready to use social media to get your business out there?

Do you want to be fluent in posting to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn? 

Do you want to have the confidence and knowledge on how to post and engage on social media?

It's time to stop flying by the seat of your pants and approach social media with know-how and a plan!

Work With Me

When it comes to your social media marketing, do you feel like you're just flinging spaghetti to see what sticks? Let's change that.


✔️ You like to learn on your own, at your own pace

✔️ You just need some help getting started and you’ll be on your way

✔️ You are motivated to put what you have learned into action



✔️ You like to learn in a group

✔️ You just need some help getting started and you’ll be on your way

✔️ You are motivated to put what you have learned into action



✔️ You like to have one on one support

✔️ You’re not quite sure where to start

✔️ You would like someone to hold you accountable to show up on social media


Not sure where to start? Let's Chat.

Let's talk through your biggest challenges and see if we are a good fit to work together. I can recommend which of my services is right for you.

Click the link below to book in a free, 15 minute chat.


What others have to say about working with me:

"Thank you for the great training session yesterday. Jodine is able to easily convey her knowledge and passion for social media, opening up the potential of this powerful platform for business growth. She is able to explain each process, explain the pro’s and con’s to each feature and give you a good insight into what may work for you. Very valuable and highly recommended."

C Bryan
Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce

"I attended the recent 2 hour training with Jodine of Social Smarty and was really impressed with her knack for simply explaining complex aspects of Facebook advertising. She was clear, upbeat and helpful in giving us insight into the algorithms that we can 'encourage' to reach more people with a powerful message. Well worth it."

True Health

"Social Smarty is great to work with, Jodine runs a very professional business and has been a great help getting At Work Solutions up and running with social media tools. Thanks Social Smarty!"

At Work Solutions

"Jodine's workshop Getting Started with Facebook Ads was excellent, one of the best I've attended. A good sized group so lots of opportunity to interact and of course Jodine is so knowledgeable and a great teacher. Money well spent!"

Greenscene Arboriculture

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